Majestic Friesians
Trick Stallions
Our 5 trick-trained stallions are Prodigy, Nitrous, Dolci Vita, Hans & Valor.
They are trained to:
Say yes & no * Stand on a pedestal * Wave at the crowd
Sit * Lay down * 1 & 2 leg bows * Smile * Count
Spanish walk * Rear * High trot * Piaffe
Retrieve things * Shake hands
For a slide show of our trick stallions, click here.
To learn more about trainer Melissa Ashcraft, click here.

For more information about each horse, click on their names below their pictures.


Hans & Ashley

Facebook page
Dolci Vita
Dolci Vita
Facebook page

Facebook Page

Expo Booth
Our Expo Booth
Kneeling Prodigy Bowing
Rearing On Pedestal
Hans fan 'e Pikesyl
Gorgeous imported stallion out of Andries415. He was imported from Holland as a weanling. He has a full pedigree with outstanding lineage. Very sweet disposition. 


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